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VTT LaunchPad is a deep-tech incubator where we create bold science-driven companies that build on cutting-edge research. We bring VTT researchers and technology together with the best business minds and investors out there to renew industries. 

VTT is a powerhouse of technology development and scientific research. Many of the most significant Finnish technology start-ups were brought to life at VTT. VTT LaunchPad enables even more ambitious goals. 


Next VTT LaunchPad bootcamp will be 13-15 of May 2020 in Helsinki

What is VTT LaunchPad

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries. VTT helps customers and society to grow and renew through applied research.

The deep tech incubator VTT LaunchPad delivers VTT’s strategy to renew industries and society by building spin-off companies from VTT’s science and technologies. In the incubator, we bring VTT researchers and IPR together with the best business minds and investors out there. VTT LaunchPad is committed to develop fundable spin-off ventures with great impact.

In VTT LaunchPad, we apply the Lean Startup methodology of reducing uncertainty one step at the time, guided by metered funding. This means that we tailor the program per team according to their needs and current state of development. We emphasize getting the ventures close to customers as early as possible to create startups that are designed for user needs. We offer also training on specific topics to make the venture teams more competitive and capable, and bring the teams to different startup events to meet investors and mentors.

VTT LaunchPad activities started in the spring of 2019 with the first round of applications to the incubator, following a bootcamp in May. The first seven spin-off candidate teams were accepted to VTT LaunchPad incubation program in June. VTT LaunchPad bootcamp is an intense 3-day sprint, where the teams develop their business model further and practice pitching it. After the bootcamp, the teams are evaluated by both the nature of business case and whether VTT can consider spinning off the IPR, before admitting the teams into the incubator. Chosen teams go through a tailored program where they will be helped with their most upfront challenges and connected to a network of investors, mentors and founding partners. Due to that, we are constantly looking for individuals with extensive experience at developing startups to international commercial success who would be interested in mentoring new venture teams or join them as an entrepreneur.

Lotta Partanen

Lotta Partanen

VTT LaunchPad Manager

Lotta is the manager of VTT LaunchPad with over 13 years of experience in innovation, strategy and design work as well as concept development in multiple incubation environments in large corporations. Lotta is firm believer of lean methodology, culture of trial and error and co-creation. Her vision is to help tons of fundable VTT’s innovations bounce out as spin-offs hungry for growth.

Tiia-Maria Tenhunen

Tiia-Maria Tenhunen

Senior Specialist, Strategic Development

Tiia-Maria works as a senior specialist at VTT LaunchPad. Her expertise is to develop systematic practices for incubating research based spinoffs, as well as, to help the teams to collaborate with the global ecosystem networks. She is the key contact in event and training organization for the VTT LaunchPad. Due to her previous career as a biomaterial researcher at VTT she understands the mindset of a scientist and is interested in supporting their mental shift to entrepreneurs. 


Will you lead the next deep-tech start-up?

Are you looking for your next company to build? Are you passionate about science-driven technology? This might be your chance to find your scientific team and your next challenge. The incubator is looking for entrepreneurs to join us and start something great.

Let us know.


Want to have your finger on the pulse of Finland’s start-ups and advise the most exciting science-based companies?

Are you a seasoned investor, entrepreneur or industry professional excited about new technologies? Our incubator is building a network of mentors and advisors. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your experience and get involved.

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