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Enifer Bio

Enifer Bio is an expert at squeezing every last drop of value from biorefining operations. The solution is built on decades of Finnish expertise to allow the production of valuable protein-rich feed from streams previously considered worthless.


Enifer Bio’s mission is to provide biotechnical solutions and help biorefineries to maximize value in the biorefining chain. The company has unique expertise in development of fungal bioprocesses. There is enormous potential wasted in the agro- and forest industries due to the inefficient utilization of side and waste streams. Converting these biomass streams into added-value products would significantly improve biorefineries’ economics and competitiveness. The common challenge is that the streams are heterogeneous and diluted, and thus their processing using conventional chemical or thermochemical technologies is difficult and expensive. The company is built on the legacy of the Pekilo process, a globally pioneering solution developed in Finland in the 1970s. The solution allows modern biorefineries to convert their underutilized side or waste streams into valuable protein rich feed. Demand for sustainably sourced protein to replace animal protein and soy is exploding creating a market opportunity. Particularly profitable niches can be found e.g. in aquaculture feed.

The Pekilo process employs a fast-growing micro fungus highly tolerant to many growth inhibitors. The fungus converts various organic substances into nutritious cell mass at high yield and productivity. The process provides a valuable product, while simultaneously decreases costs associated with water treatment. The original process was abandoned due to extinction of suitable raw material streams in the Finnish forest industry, but there is huge untapped global potential and advanced biorefining technologies with suitable side streams are coming online at increasing pace. Using modern biotechnical tools and high level of expertise enables tweaking the Pekilo process and bring it to the 21stcentury.

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Enifer Bio is looking for first users for their solution, partners in the value chain and later on funding. Currently the venture has on-going discussions with several potential customers, but wishes to explore the potential market further. Potential customers refine biomass at 100-1000 kiloton annual scale and suitable partners are for instance equipment providers, engineering companies and feed manufacturers. Funding is needed to set up operations and optimize the process for first end-users. Funding is expected to be needed to cover a period of 2-3 years before revenues can start covering expenses.


Simo Ellilä

Simo Ellilä

Senior Scientist at VTT. M. Sc. (Tech)

Bioprocess development, administration, sales and customer relations

+358 40 154 6684

Ville Pihlajaniemi

Ville Pihlajaniemi

Senior Scientist at VTT. D. Sc. (Tech)

Biomass specialist, raw material streams


Anssi Rantasalo

Anssi Rantasalo

Research Scientist at VTT. D. Sc. (Tech)

Strain development, finance and regulatory issues

+358 40 660 8446

Joosu Kuivanen

Joosu Kuivanen

Research Liason Officer at VTT. D. Sc. (Tech)

Strain development, start-up finance

+35840 163 2966


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