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HTM Solutions

HTM Solutions enables improving well-being, safety, and security of people with a scalable Human Thermal Model (HTM) software technology – whenever thermal satisfaction is an issue.


HTM Solutions creates a completely new paradigm of spaces that autonomously adapt to individual occupant expectations, and not the other way around like with existing buildings. In built environment, HTM technology can be utilized for smart temperature control of spaces in several business segments. Such smart temperature control improves both thermal satisfaction of occupants and energy efficiency of buildings, by avoiding unnecessary heating and cooling. In addition, this new paradigm enables development of community level energy efficiency services by argued balancing between peak power demand and desired level of thermal satisfaction. The most promising facilities for utilizing HTM technology are office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and homes for the elderly.

Another potential application area for HTM solutions is wearable technology. HTM mobile can be assembled on various portable devices such as smart phones, light-weight sensors and routers with wireless communication capabilities. This enables on-line estimation of human core temperature and thermal satisfaction under monitored environmental conditions. Since our solution is able to estimate individual core temperature by a validated software calculation tool, it is non-invasive – and for example no digestive measurement pills are needed. Above all, this information can be utilized in safety analysis of people in different environments, such as miners and firefighters, and under varied physical activity levels, such as in athletics and military. In addition, HTM mobile can be used for demand-based and truly individual control of functional garments for instance for outdoor workers in cold and windy environments and patients during operations and recovery rooms.


HTM Solutions is looking for funding, advisors and a competent CEO to make the unique knowledge and technology commercially successful. At the moment, HTM software technology is laboratory- and field tested and several potential B2B-partners are interested to utilize the technology in their businesses.


Pekka Tuomaala

Pekka Tuomaala

Principal Scientist in VTT, D.Sc.(Tech.)

Thermodynamics, HTM modelling and service design for different use cases

+358 40 720 1724

Kalevi Piira

Kalevi Piira

Senior Scientist in VTT, M.Sc.

Smart buildings, IoT and communication technologies, data platforms and APIs

Jouko Piippo

Jouko Piippo

Specialist in Software Development in VTT

Software design, implementation, testing, data base and platform management


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