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Stealthra revolutionizes light visibility with controlled range illumination (CRI) technology. We see – they don’t.


Stealthra (formerly KRYF10X) revolutionizes light visibility and remaining hidden in the dark while seeing others. Stealthra has developed a revolutionary and ingenious lighting technology called controlled range illumination (CRI). In especially security and defence settings, situational awareness and ability to see you immediate surrounding environment in darkness is crucial, but using light sources, whether visible or infrared, is often impossible due to the risk of exposing yourself observers further away. Thus e.g. military vehicles use expensive thermal cameras that provide limited visibility in darkness. Stealthra CRI technology gives a totally new possibility to illuminate your surroundings without light escaping from illuminated area to further away observers, due to the controlled range of the light itself. The illumination works in combination with standard night vision devices and digital cameras. The technology would also allow human-eye visible illumination or displays that change appearance or vanish when viewed from long distances.

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Stealthra is looking for funding, advisors, companies to collaborate with. Currently Stealthra has patent pending on the technology.



Jeremias Seppä

Jeremias Seppä

Senior Scientist at VTT, D.Sc. (Tech)

Photonics Innovator, founder, seasoned professional in photonics, electronics, controllers and programming. Over a decade of experience in precision optical systems and solutions.

Harri Keskinen

Harri Keskinen

Entrepreneur-in-residence at VTT



Ari Huczkowski

Ari Huczkowski

CMO, M.Sc.(Econ)

Commercializer, open innovation and Blue Ocean strategy specialist. Former Chief Innovation Evangelist of Northern Europe’s largest innovation hub, the Otaniemi campus and Espoo Innovation Garden.



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