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Volare aims to provide a sustainable solution for protein production through valorisation of food industry side streams. With over 100 billion target market it wants to save the world from waste.


Volare valorises food industry side streams. The solution combines a circular model and technological expertise to compete in the rapidly growing field of sustainable proteins, to tackle the big challenge of securing food production also in future. Volare offers new high-quality protein source to high protein concentrate market, which is used in the food industry, pet foods, and animal feeds.

Picture: protein meal


Volare is looking for mentors and funding interested in the field of sustainable protein production. The protein market will double up in the next 30 years, which will provide a unique opportunity for a high return of investment. Also, Volare wants to collaborate with the food industry and wants to build business partnerships with relevant stakeholders.


Tuure Parviainen

Tuure Parviainen


Tuure has several years of experience in management, research, waste bioprocessing, and agriculture, as well as earlier experience from the startup world.

+358 40 179 6953

Matti Tähtinen

Matti Tähtinen


Matti has been delivering complex system solutions across multiple industries for 10 years. Entrepreneur at CO2Esto Oy since 2016.

+358 40 153 0405


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