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Switch Window

Switch Window enables to smart up your windows and protect your privacy in a cost and energy efficient and thermal shielding way without losing your outside view.


Switch Window has invented a way to allow privacy protection without compromising lightning condition. Smart window market is growing exponentially and investments to technologies attached to them have grown over 800M€ during the past few years. Switch Window is a cost and energy efficient way to secure privacy and it has additional thermal shielding functionality.

One-way mirrors, commonly known from the interrogation rooms of detective series are reflective on one side and transparent at the other. The perception of one-way transmission is achieved when one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other side is dark allowing viewing from the darkened side but not vice versa. The feature of one-way mirror makes it handy for creating privacy e.g. in building without blocking the outside view at the daytime when outside it is brighter than the inside. However, the drawback of one-way mirror is that at mornings, evenings, and night time when lighting is needed inside the buildings the feature turns other way around blocking outside view while allowing clear view to inside. The solution manipulates the feature of one-way mirror with technology that allows controlling of the phenomenon by enabling the switching of the mirror and transparent sides of the one-way mirror irrespective of ambient lighting.


Switch Window is looking for funding, mentors and companies to collaborate with.



Teemu Ruotsalainen

Senior Research Scientist in VTT, D.Sc.(Tech.)

Printed electronics,production and technology development 

Over 10 year experience from start-ups andworked as CEO in several start-ups and as a Creative Director

Asko Sneck

Senior Scientist in VTT, M.Sc. (Tech)

Printed electronics, polymer technology, optics, technology development


Tapio Mäkelä

Senior Research Scientist in VTT, D.Sc.(Tech.)

Printed electronics, electronics and optics, technology developer and advisor,inventor 

Spinoff company co-founder and board member of several companies


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